Busy year so far, so busy that I've gotten behind on the website. Let's do a re-cap!

Starting off the year fresh at MAGfest in January. I love MAG, it's easily my favorite show these days. Not only is it an exciting con because its focused on games and music aside from the usual comics and pop culture, its easily the most fun show to table. The attendees are all great and they really vibe with my work. This year was a landmark for me in sales and I couldn't thank the folks up in National Harbor more.

In February I worked on a cover commission for Starcalled Studios, the guys that brought you the Zodiac Empires campaign setting for Pathfinder and 5e D&D. I illustrated the cover art of their new bestiary, called Creatures of Vathis. The kickstarter just ended a few days ago, unfortunately not completely funded but they got very close! The studio was fantastic to work with and I hope to do more with them in the future!

And now we're in March, I can't believe 2018 is rocketing by. I just returned from ECCC last night where a tried out a new set up at the table (pictured) and I had a blast in Seattle. There will be a few new prints going up in the shop soon and I can't wait to share more of my works in progress for the full color tarot deck!

Here's to a good 2018 to come, see you on the other side!