First Convention

This is a little over due but better late than never:

So in June I had my first experience as a convention artist. And I loved it. 

But it definitely wasn't easy. Less than two weeks to go, I happened to luck into a spot at Heroes Con in Charlotte. A friend of mine wasn't able to make it to her booth, so she offered it to me. Hungry for the opportunity to be in the artist alley, I PayPal'd her some money and scrambled to put prints and the necessary gear together. Spent some money, but I was too excited to care. Prints, business cards, and banner assembled. And all arrived by the time the show came around.

I had read the guides. Listened to the advice of countless artist friends who had experience. I was even fortunate enough to have the guidance of my mentor. And I am very thankful for all of it. I know I would had a hell of a lot tougher time otherwise.

However, tabling conventions is very difficult and expensive. I ended up barely breaking even in the long run. I have no complaints though. It was all in the planning and money saving where I failed and I learned so much about it that I feel more confident than ever that it's something I want to continue doing. There is something extremely rewarding about getting to talk about your work with curious people. And even if they don't walk away with a print it feels like you made a connection. I will be tabling at AWA in Atlanta this September and you expect many more times next year and the years to come.