III: The Falling Star
Priestess of the Moon
Miles Morales
Spider-Man 2018
Sword of the Five
Orb of Scrying
Grimoire of Secrets
Hollow Knight
The Ritual II: Bruja
After the Storm
Monster Hunter World
Crystal Girl
Palpable Defeat
Stronger Together
Soulsborne Maidens
Uther Pendragon: King of The Britains
Bercilak: The Green Knight
Viviane: Lady of the Lake
Myrrdin: The Enchanter
Morgaine le Faye: Sorceress
Rift Hunters
Enchanting the Steel
Diana of Themyscira
The Dark Soul of Man
The Forest Guardians
The Last Guardian
The King
Geralt of Rivia
The Tower of Fate
The Firelink Shrine
The Parley
The Devil In Mexico
Hard World
Anung Un Rama
The Sacred Grove
The Unnamed Princess
Guts: Beserk
Misery Chord: Checkmate
The Legend of Zelda: Dark Souls
Kyra: Iconic Cleric
Renacer: Regrets
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